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Pathological reacting to meteorological changes as a risk-factor of cardio-vascular pathology in the north

Abstract: Background Cardio-vascular pathology is widespread in the North. It is more severe and hard than in moderate
latitudes. There are little data available describing reactions of cardio-vascular system to changes of climatic,
meteorological and helio-geophysical factors and their role in the development of the disease. The purpose of our study was
to study the role of pathological reacting to climate and meteorological changes in development of cardio-vascular
pathology in the North. Methods Clinical and physiological material of 1720 persons including 980 patients with cardio-
vascular pathology (arterial hypertension I, II and coronary artery disease, stable angina pectoris) was studied. The complex
of clinico-physiological, electrocardiographic and computer-analytical methods, including the original computer program
“Screenmed” (registration by RosPatent No970035 from 29.01.1997) was used. The program includes a questionnaire for
obtaining information about reacting of an organism to changes of climate, meteorological and helio-geophysical factors.
The information of climate-meteorological and helio-geophysical factors was obtained from geophysical stations. Results
The study indicates that most of patients with cardio-vascular pathology have high level of pathological meteosensitivity.
The patients with arterial hypertension associated with coronary artery disease are most meteosensitive. A degree of
pathological reacting to meteorological and geophysical factors determines an increase in complaints, clinical signs of a
disease and electrocardiographic changes. Conclusion The study revealed significant association between pathological
reacting to meteorological and helio-geophysical changes and the level of cardio-vascular disturbances. It has been found
that pathological reacting of human organism to changes of climatic, helio-geophysical, meteorological and other
biospheric factors of the environment is an important link in pathogenic mechanism of cardio-vascular pathology in the
extreme conditions of the North.
Keywords: Cardio-Vascular Pathology, Meteopathic Reactions, Sensitivity to Weather, North

Clinical Medicine Research
2013; 2(4): 53-57

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