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Northern cardiometeopathies

V.I. Hasnulin, A.V. Hasnulina, and E.V. Sevostyanova. Northern cardiometeopathies.?Novosibirsk: Creative Union «South-West»,2004.?220 p.

ISBN 5-93239-013-1

The high incidence of meteopathic reactions in the people with functional and pathological disturbances of cardio-vascular system gives grounds to suggest that these disturbances may be singled out as a peculiar class of disadaptive disturbances called cardiometeopathies.
Fundamental and practical results presented in this monograph allow the authors to treat cardiometeopathies as one of the main causes of the beginning and exacerbation of diseases and a risk factor of development of complication in the extreme climatic and geophysical conditions of living and to propose some methods for prophylaxis and correction of meteopathies in the inhabitants of the North.
The monograph is prepared within the framework of the public health programmes of the Inter-Regional Association “Siberian Agreement” Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, Academy of Polar Medicine and Extreme Human Ecology, and National Institute of Health.
The book may be of interest to cardiology, physiologist, ecologist and other specialists in the field of preservation of human health in the North.

© V.I.Hasnulin, 2004

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